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The company (organization) intending to participate shall forward until 25 December 2017 at the latest addressed to Stolichniy Style Ltd. a duly filled up and signed official application form. It is to be done according to forms attached herewith. The application form should be send  to the e-mail: az102110@yandex.ru.


The application has to be accompanied by the  brief information about products.

The brief information should include the follow items:

  • the name of the beverage;
  • producer;
  • beverages category;
  • country of origin, region and subregion;
  • sugar and alcohol content (if there is);
  • the year of production  or vintage (if there is);


Beverages categories:

  • Brown Spirits
  • White Spirits
  • Wines (still, sparkling and fortified)
  • Cocktails
  • Olive and vegetable oils



  1. Terms of representing samples at the Contest.

For the convenience of participants of the Contest, organizers provide the opportunity to deliver the samples by one of the  two addresses: either in Russia or in the European Union.

Address in EU: Mattioliho 3274/1 10600 Prague, Czech republic, for  Vladimir Vjatkin tel.: +420775651182.


Before sending samples, please contact with organizers by e-mail:        az102110@yandex.ru, we give you all directions about delivery.


Please send your samples till 25 of December 2017.


1.1.  Each entry must be represented by 2 bottles or boxes of at least 0,5 liter volume.

       In a case of bottles or substances damage by the carriers, the Organizers of the Contest are  not responsible and liable.

1.2. Regarding all transportation matters and custom formalities please contact us

tel. / fax: +7 (495) 638-5056

                  e-mail: az102110@yandex.ru

                  tel. of Alexey Zaytsev: + 7 916 156 3731

                  tel. of Alexander Zaytsev: +7 916 963 5574



  1. Entering fees for the contest:

   For each entry represented at the Contest a fee of 158 (one hundred fifty eight) Euros

   must be paid according to the invoice before the 17 of January 2018.

Invoice will be sent to participant by e-mail just after receiving application form.



Director of

the Tasting Contest                                                      

Alex Zaytsev

Tel/fax +7 (495) 638-5056      E-mail: az102110@yandex.ru , az2416136@gmail.com